Now Post #1 – Podcasts & Web Site Development

Web site work & podcasts…That’s the normal way to prepare for Christmas right?

December 13, 2016

Okay, maybe its # 2 if you count the introduction post.  But it is my first post on what I am working on right now.

What I’ve Been Working On:

  • Our new fence, it’s almost done!  Unfortunately for everyone, I’m starting my Now posts after I did our kitchen renovation and built the majority of our fence, I’m sure you would have all been anxiously awaiting updates otherwise.  But, the fence is up and standing, I am just working on the finishing touches of screwing in all of the boards, which I’m sure will be a never-ending project.

What’s Sparking My Mind:

  • Podcasts! While working on the kitchen and fence I have become a podcast junkie.  I just finished listening to “How I Built This – Patagonia: Yvon Chouinard”.  Amazing story, and a true example of how you can succeed in business by thinking about things other than growth.
    • While on the subject I highly suggest two podcasts if you have time to listen: The Tim Ferris Podcast and Hardcore History.  For Tim Ferris I suggest starting with either his interview with Malcom Gladwell, whose podcast I am also obsessed with, or Derek Sivers who inspired this section of the site.  For Hardcore History I suggest the series “Blue Print for Armageddon” on World War I, it is a set of six podcasts that are over four hours each, but well worth it.
  • Reading Small Giants by Bo Burlingham over and over again.  This book is what sparked my mind in thinking about private equity in a new way; it was definitely the right book at the right time for me.

 What I’m Doing with my Downtime:

  • This afternoon is Arsenal vs Everton, so my productivity will go downhill come 2:45. I am cursed to be an Arsenal fan, but constantly live by our recent modo “This is the Year!”
    • The best summary of an Arsenal fan’s experience came from Roger Bennet on the Men In Blazers Podcast: “To be an Arsenal fan is to suffer repeated agonies only biblical Job, field goal kicking Charlie Brown, and Phil from Groundhog Day can understand”

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