Introducing the Now Section

Welcome to the Now section! The goal of this section is to update the world, but most likely just our parents, on what we are working on.


Hello DCC followers, and welcome to the Now section of Darby Creek Capital’s website.  The goal of this section is to update the world, but most likely just our parents, on what we are working on here at Darby Creek Capital.  One of our core tenants at Darby Creek is transparency.  So, we have decided to practice being transparent by sharing what we are working on whenever possible.

What to Expect

In this section you will receive a brief update on the books we are reading, the work we are focusing on, and generally anything else that is occupying our time.  I apologize in advance to those who are not fans of Premier League Soccer, College Football, and/or College Basketball. Since I am certain that those topics will pop up from time to time.

Our Goal

Hopefully this section, combined with our Thoughts section, will allow you to peel back the curtain on how we approach investing and how we look at the world. For those who are like minded we hope it sparks some ideas to pursue and change the world. For those who aren’t like minded we hope you read with an open mind.  But most of all, we hope that after reading our Now and Thoughts sections you will have a better understanding of the people behind Darby Creek Capital.


We wouldn’t be living up to our tenant of transparency if we didn’t recognize where we got this idea.  The Now Page Movement was started by Derek Sivers who decided “About” pages and social media posts didn’t provide enough insight into what people are doing at this point in their life. The Now Page Movement has grown wildly and Greg Brown decided to create a collection of Now pages for all to enjoy.  Check out NowNowNow.com to see the collection, we are not listed on this site since it is focused on individual’s, not businesses.

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