Fund Development & Fund Raising

Using Micheline rated chefs to drive inspiration and productivity.

February 9, 2017

It has been a while since our last post. In that time we have been hard at work developing our ESOP Fund idea and beginning the long process of fundraising.  We are raising a “mini-fund” that will invest in 100% ESOP owned businesses through debt investments with equity warrants attached.  Our goal is to create an equity-like investment that is actually in debt to ensure the employees own 100% of the business. The mini-fund structure will allow us to raise new funds regularly and mimic the function of an evergreen fund, but with more structure.  If you are interested in working with us we want to hear from you!  Email us at info@darbycreekcapital.com.

What I’m spending my time on, creativity and productivity.

I am developing a new routine to spark creativity and productivity.  I’m calling it a routine of “rigid fluidity” where I set a strict routine to my day, but I don’t define what I work on within that routine.  I got the idea from watching many documentaries on Micheline Star chefs.

They have a rigid routine to their day, but most days they don’t even know what will be on the menu that night at the start of it. They use that flexibility to maintain creativity and motivation, but they use their rigid routine to ensure quality and productivity. So far so good. I’ve been very thoughtful about my schedule over the past week from when I wake up until I go to bed, and I can say it has been one of my most creative and productive weeks ever.

What is sparking my mind, documentaries.

Chef documentaries, as noted above I have been watching these documentaries for inspiration.  One is a full-length documentary, and the other is a series of documentaries on different chefs, all are on Netflix:

Jiro Dreams of Sushi by David Gelb.  Fantastic story of Jiro Ono the owner and chef 3-star Micheline Star sushi restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro.  His work ethic, creativity, and insistence on quality are inspirational. His day is so regimented that he even gets on the subway at the same spot on the platform every day. I cannot recommend watching this highly enough.

Chef’s Table: France, also by David Gelb. This show follows a chef’s story for an entire episode. Fantastic insights into the creative process, the struggles each chef has faced along the way, and the insights they have found.  A common theme is that maintaining inspirational creativity is essential to maintaining their work and ensuring their emotions show through their work.

All episodes are fantastic, but the episode with Alain Passard sticks out.  Mainly for his ability to adapt throughout his career.  He went from being a meat-centric 3-star Micheline restaurant to being a vegetarian restaurant, while still maintaining his 3-star rating. This show has the bonus of being in French with English subtitles. I have been working on my French for the past year.  For me, listening to the French while still following the story in English has been a fantastic learning tool.

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