Darby Creek Capital Launches

Firm Brings Operating and Value Investing Focus to Lower-Middle Market

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Darby Creek Capital Launches Private Equity Investing Company

Firm Brings Operating and Value Investing Focus to the Lower-Middle Market

Washington, DC (August 3, 2015) — Darby Creek Capital LLC has launched a private equity investment group based in Washington, DC focused on driving long-term value for companies and investors in the lower-middle market. The company will be concentrating on companies that have an EBITDA between $1 million and $3 million, with the goal of delivering value to investors by working with portfolio companies to execute on their core strategies.

Founder and Managing Partner, Tim Barbis will bring his operational and investing background to the private equity market by working with management teams to uncover the best path for the company’s long term success. “I am excited to bring my expertise to our portfolio companies,” said Mr. Barbis, “but I am more excited to get to work with the management teams and employees of our companies; they will have the key ideas and knowledge that will drive the direction of the company. My role will be to help structure that knowledge so that we can execute on our key goals in a way that drives growth.”

Darby Creek Capital is based in Washington, DC and invests in companies across the United States and in all industries, with transactions that adhere to key value investing principles.


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